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Happy Wheels Demo

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Rating: 8.6/10 (7183 votes cast)

bikemanHappy wheels demo, is a small flash game which is very popular today. It has four main characters. You have your choice of an old man in a wheel chair, riding with child on a bicycle, riding a motorized two wheeled Segway, or you’re a large person with a electric cart. This game has very loud music and is not for the faint of heart. If you are offended easily please do not play this game. The creator of this game has multiple courses that you play and your riders many times end up in pieces.

Once you exit from the vehicle the game is pretty much over. On all of the levels you cannot replay the game which can be frustrating. I played the person with the bicycle and was promptly blown up and the child was thrown from the bike releasing me from the duties of parenthood in the game. I then exited from the bike and only was able to squirm like a fish out of water, not being able to control the person at all.

The game has a outlook advertisement at the beginning of the demo and once you get past that you can play this very brutal game. The site is not very easy to adjust the controls and you cannot scroll or reset the game once you have started it. One of the levels is very basic and it is called a large Satan eats you. This is not very productive and is most horrific way to die. Once your character is dead he then keeps squirting blood everywhere until the movement stops in the game and you have to start the entire page over. In one other level the brutality is endless with spikes in the ceiling and floor. In the end Happy wheels is one weird game and is defiantly a strange point of view.

Happy Wheels Demo, 8.6 out of 10 based on 7183 ratings
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